Home Campuses

Since 1981, Lifecentre has always believed and invested in “home to home” ministry. That’s why we are so excited to launch Home Campuses!

A Home Campus is a place where the Sunday Service is experienced with others in your home or someone else’s. They are great for those who may not feel ready to rejoin a larger gathering but still desire to meet with others in smaller numbers.

Looking for specific guidance for how to lead a Home Campus? Wondering what would be W.I.S.E if you were to attend or lead a Home Campus? Click the button below:

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Home Campus

Lead A Home Campus

Are you already gathering as two or more people to engage with Sunday services? Consider becoming a Home Campus! Are you tuning into services alone? Invite others to safely gather with you and form a Home Campus together. Do you lead a LifeGroup? Consider joining together as a Home Campus for this season.

For more information on requirements and to register to be a leader:

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Home Campus

Join a Home Campus

We cannot wait to launch the opportunity to join a Home Campus. Until that time comes, you can join us in person at our Lifecentre campuses starting June 21, 2020 or for Church Online!

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