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Together we are still dreaming about making a Jesus-sized difference, through Lifecentre. You taking Lifecentre into  unique environments is a dream. What if God wishes to start a Lifecentre Home Campus in multiple cities, towns, or hamlets? We see Home Campuses as bridges or building points for something new. 

Perhaps you live in an area of Canada and there is no access to a healthy local church, or your existing church might need some relationship, revitalization? 
You may be working through a crisis of faith and have trust issues about church in general? In this season you may have a group of family or friends who are cautious to return to larger church gatherings?

A Home Campus might be a bridge for a season or it can be the launching point for something new?

Let’s find out together!

Ultimately, a Lifecentre Home Campuses serves to do a single thing, make disciples.  If we fail to do make resilient disciples, from kids to adults, Home or Lifecentre Campuses aren’t a healthy, no matter how many attend. We are not afraid to grow, to admit mistakes, to better learn how to make a Jesus-sized difference together.”  – Jason Boucher

You Have Questions. We’re Ready!

How are Home Campuses different from LifeGroups?
While the belief remains the same, God created us to live in relationships with others, the focus is different from a LifeGroup. It isn’t just how you are doing life together, but what your are doing together is equally a point of unity and agreement. Your purpose in meeting together includes the five characterics listed below and your intent is to make disciples of Jesus, who live in such a way as to make a Jesus-sized difference.

  1. Scripture must be rightly preached.
  2. Ordinances must be rightly administered.
  3. Leadership must be formed by and function in accordance with Scripture.
  4. Accountability/correction must be carried out in grace and truth.
  5. Mission of the church must be shared and embraced by all.
What is required to be a Home Campus leader?
  • Leadership has been or is open to Bible School Training (LSB)
  • Do you embrace the mission of Lifecentre.
  • Use weekly Sunday content from Lifecentre.
  • Attend quarterly Home Campus Leadership Meetings (Zoom & In Person)
  • Report weekly to Lifecentre
  • Assume light and loving pastoral care and support for all those who attend.
* There are no salary/hourly/financial gifts given to leaders of Home Campuses.
** We do invest by providing resources, materials, and Pastoral leadership training. 
When do Home Campuses meet?

They can meet any day of the week, not only Sundays. All we ask is that you do your best to keep within the weeky rhythm of Lifecentre. We will provide access to all the content you might need to host your weekly Home Campus service.


Is there a pathway from Home to Lifecentre Campus?

Possibly, although it is not our primary aim. If as serving with your spiritual gifts, including leadership, should the Holy Spirit move in your Home Campus and as a result you see people come to Christ and connect to your Home Campus, once your Home Campus reaches 40-50 people, if you are outside of 45 minutes of a current Lifecentre Campus, we would be honoured to prayerfully begin another phase of conversations regarding your Home Campus potentially becoming a Lifecentre Campus in the future.

If you are already an existing local church, who has become a Home Campus and as a result begun to see home revitalization, we too would be honured to have a discussion with you.


STEP 1: Sign up and inquire.

STEP 2: Invite family, friends, and neighbours.

STEP 3: Join Lifecentre weekly by engaging online.