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Our desire is to never stop growing

At Lifecentre we invite you to join us as we commit to growing together with Jesus to make a difference in our city.

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Jesus calls us to a life of service, generosity, and commitment. And this happy obligation within the context of a local church is what we call – membership. Membership is not about privilege or prestige. It is not some elevated level of access with secret insider benefits. It is not a legal document or means of control. It is an affirmation to contribute to the good of Lifecentre rather than consume from it. It is an obligation to sacrificially seek the good of others, in this church, by taking a ‘you can count on me’ step. Our desire is to never stop growing. We invite you to discover what making a Jesus-sized difference together can look like at Lifecentre.

A two-week investment will help you discover what moving from the crowd to being connected is all about at Lifecentre.