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Lead More Like Jesus

What does it mean to be more like Jesus? When much remains uncertain, there is solid ground. To live this way means we need to be transformed, from the inside out. Through teaching, practice, community, and the Holy Spirit, we can be more like Jesus.

Join us as we discover how to Lead More Like Jesus.

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Spiritual Conflict

Summer Series | Coming Soon

Father's Day 2021

Coming Soon

Mother's Day 2021


God For Us

Easter Series | 4 Messages

Celebrating 40 Years


Lord, Make Us One

21 Days of Prayer | 6 Messages

God With Us

Christmas Series  | 5 Messages

More Like Jesus

Year Long Series Arc | 10 Series


Summer Series | 10 Messages

Carry the Heart

Year Long Series Arc | 10 Series

Father's Day 2020


Mother's Day 2020


Easter 2020

Series | 3 Messages

Christmas 2019

Series | 5 Messages

Best Summer Ever

Series | 11 Messages

Student Takeover


Father's Day 2019


Controversial Jesus

Series | 6 Messages

Mother's Day 2019


Easter 2019

Series | 2 Messages

Me, But Free

Series | 9 Messages


Series | 4 Messages

Love Has Come

Series | 5 Messages

How To

Series | 6 Messages

Welcome Home

Series | 6 Messages

What Would Jesus Undo?

Series | 5 Messages

Summer in the Psalms

Series | 5 Messages

Father's Day 2018


The Daniel Dilemma

Series | 4 Messages

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