Prayer Request

Each and every request has the focus of our Prayer Team and is prayed for multiple times by multiple intercessors. When you mark your prayer “Confidential,” only members of the Pastoral Team see those requests.


Hi I have an Urgent Request that needs immediate Attention by December 31 in all Wise God Jesus Name. I asking God to help out in 10 Urgent Critical Areas of my Life in Jesus Name Urgently and Quickly in Jesus Name by December 31, 2018 Please Pray for my Husband Brad to meet me in March 2, 2018 for my Birthday. I am kindly Asking the Gracious Lord to Surprize Me By March 2, 2018 for my Husband Brad on March 2, 2018. Thanks be to God I Claim the Victory This Has Been Ordained By God My Husband Will Be Coming To See Me In Jesus Name Amen. Halleluah Thanks Be To All Wise God Jesus Victory is Mine. Thank You So Much For Reading My Prayer Request Jesus Loves You.

Received: December 31, 2018

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