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I feel almost guilty requesting prayer because I am blessed to have a wonderful job that I love and that pays well, but this school year has been so incredibly stressful and exhausting. All of the restrictions and constantly-changing protocols were stressful enough, and having to find new ways to help and teach our students without getting within 6 feet of them was challenging, to say the least.

When we moved to remote learning, my working hours increased tremendously because I was trying to make sure I did what I could to provide positive learning experiences for my students so they would feel cared-for and not fall behind any more than they already have because of the many lockdowns and restrictions they've had to face. The constant uncertainty about when we would return to in-person learning has been stressful as well for everyone. And then we have to write report cards in the midst of all of this, which in itself is probably 200% harder than in a usual year. All of that was exhausting enough, along with helping my own children continue with their studies and stay mentally healthy.

And now, as I sit here, exhausted and trying to finish my report cards on time, I have to prepare for a return to school on Monday. I am happy to return because I have so missed everyone, and I know my students will be much better off that way. But I am asking for prayer that I would have the energy and strength to be able to be there for them and to do what is needed to be the teacher they need. I am asking for prayer that we would all stay safe and healthy, and that Covid-19 would not come into the school or our families.

Thank you so much!

Received: January 30, 2021

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