As Ontario gradually begins to exit Step 3 of the Provincial Reopening Plan, Lifecentre is in full compliance with current guidance. As it pertains to Houses of Worship this means: 

  • Masks are to be worn indoors.
  • Indoor and outdoor permitted with capacity limited to permit physical distancing of 2 metres (6 ft).
  • As it pertains to religious rites & services a COVID certification is not required at a House of Worship.
  • We utilize Rapid Antigen COVID Testing for all staff and anyone serving with those 12 years of age or younger, regardless of vaccination status. To serve, each must show a negative Rapid Antigen COVID test result.
  • Consistent with how we have operated for 40 years, Lifecentre does not provide letters for personal medical choices. We invite you to read an excellent article, written by one of our members, Don Hutchinson which includes a helpful understanding of your rights in Canada.
  • Capacity limits means registration is still necessary for all in-person services. Please visit Location-specific pages to register for In-Person Worship Services. If we reach capacity for Kids, Students, or Adults – we ask for everyone to be gracious with one another.
  • At this time, all weddings and funerals held at Lifecentre will not be serving any food, beverages, or hosting receptions.


Together we are making the assumption what is true in the city, is true everywhere in the city, including in-person church gatherings. If north of 90% of people are vaccinated, this leaves about 10% with either a single dose or no dose whatsoever, for a variety of reasons.

For forty years, we have opened our doors and ministered wholeheartedly to anyone who desires to visit Lifecentre or makes it their home church. The past 19+ months have been difficult for us all. We prayerfully look forward to a day when all Public Health guidance is no longer necessary to worship together. Until that day, if our collective actions can make a difference to someone not becoming ill – mildly, critically, or fatally, these additional measures, while burdensome, are not in vain. They are the least we can do to express love and care for our fellow citizens, our neighbours.

Regarding this pandemic, guidance, vaccinations, and vaccine certificates we know beliefs are strong, even entrenched. We’re not asking you not to be you, but we are asking you not to make it all about you. Truthfully, we’re all called to be more like Jesus. This remains our aim. Equally true, none of us have yet arrived. So no matter where on the spectrum of opinion or belief you reside, the answer is never division, arrogance, or ignorance.

Together, let’s strive to heed the words found in James 1:19-20 “My dear brothers and sisters, understand this: Everyone should be quick to listen, slow to speak, and slow to anger, for human anger does not accomplish God’s righteousness.”

We continue to have an open dialogue with our Pastor’s Council and Public Health officials. Should any decisions be adjusted, we will communicate on this page accordingly. Let’s be who we are, loving towards others, and tender to follow the way of Jesus, to become more like Jesus, in times just like these.

Thank you.