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Following Ontario’s reopening plan effective Monday, March 21st:

1) Masks are optional at Lifecentre.

2) Ottawa Public Health built a helpful page to assess your personal risk.

3) If planning on being at Lifecentre in person, please self-assess your condition prior to attending. You love others best by worshipping online if symptomaic or sick.

4) Consistent with how we have operated for 40 years, Lifecentre does not provide letters for personal medical choices. We invite you to read an excellent article, written by one of our members, Don Hutchinson which includes a helpful understanding of your rights in Canada.


Following Ontario’s reopening plan the mask mandate has lifted, yet the higher call to love one another remains. As Pastors, staff, and appropriate ministy leaders we will carry masks on us. If we see you wearing one, we too wear ours while ministering with you. If you are comfortable without, so are we.

Church, masks are not a sign of freedom or bondage, but they can become a symbol for what is happening in our hearts. Difference is beautiful. If uncomforable or immune compromised, wear your mask and be free in Christ. If you are ready to remove your mask, do so and equally be free in Christ. Freedom is a blood stained cross, empty tomb, and poured out Holy Spirit plus nothing. Division can have demonic roots as it carries with it a distortion in how we see God and one another. Let’s resist this, while surrendering to walk in the way of Jesus with one another.

For forty years, we have opened our doors and ministered wholeheartedly to anyone who desires to visit Lifecentre or makes it their home church. The past two years have been difficult for us all. We’re not asking you not to be you, but we are asking you not to make it all about you. Truthfully, we’re all called to be more like Jesus. This remains our singular aim. Equally true, none of us have yet arrived. So no matter where on the spectrum of opinion or belief you reside, the answer is never division, arrogance, or ignorance.

Together, let’s strive to heed the words found in James 1:19-20 “My dear brothers and sisters, understand this: Everyone should be quick to listen, slow to speak, and slow to anger, for human anger does not accomplish God’s righteousness.”

Growing Together,
Jason & Lori
Lead Pastors