21 Days of Prayer

21 Days of Prayer: Where we fix our first and focus our spiritual formation on following Jesus afresh. 

Join us in preparing our hearts for 21 Days of Prayer beginning January 2nd. This is an intentional practice for us to be His Church in 2022. 

Sundays in January

Jan 2nd: Healthy Rhythms
Jan 9th: Fasting & Prayer
Jan 16th: Sabbath & Solitude
Jan 23rd: Bible Reading & Community
Jan 30th: Purpose & Generosity

Download & Discover

Lifecentre together we have prayerfully put together four questions for you to work through devotionally to discover an anchoring Scripture for 2022.

21 Days of Prayer

Daily Prayer Topics

January 9
Jesus, help us to be more like You.


January 10
Holy Spirit, empower us to be who You’ve gifted us to be.


January 11
Father, teach us to abide in Your love.


January 12
Jesus, heal broken relationships.


January 13
Jesus, heal wounded hearts.


January 14
Jesus, heal minds and bodies.


January 15
Holy Spirit, teach us to pray reverently.


January 16
Father, help us to trust Your Word is ultimate truth.


January 17
Jesus, show us where to surrender to Your Lordship.


January 18
Jesus, show us how to resist darkness.


January 19
Jesus, make us tender to those different from us

January 20

Father, help us to trust You as judge.


January 21
Holy Spirit, lead us to build up, not break down one another.

January 22

Holy Spirit, send revival and start in us.


January 23
Father, send workers into the fields ripe for harvest.


January 24
Jesus, use our lives to make earth more like heaven.


January 25
Holy Spirit, cover the Pastors’ at Lifecentre.


January 26
Holy Spirit, move in the ministries at Lifecentre.


January 27
Jesus, give me Your vision for 2022.


January 28
Jesus, give me Your heart for others in 2022.


January 29
Jesus, may you increase, and would I decrease in 2022.


January 30
Lord, use my life to Build Your House.

Fasting & Prayer

Fast Begins: January 9th

Fast Ends: January 30th

A simple definition of fasting is giving up something, to be more like Someone (Jesus). Another way to express what a fast is would be, “Simply staged, Biblical fasting is refraining from good for a spiritual purpose.” – Jentezen Franklin
For fasting basics, types of fasts, and additional resources we recommend Jentezen Franklin’s Fasting Basics. As you pray and see the Lord, with any type of fast, it is also imperative you consult your primary physician for what is healthy for you.
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Prayer Card

We are believing for BIG things in 2022!

Do you have a specific prayer that you are believing God for in 2022? Are you believing for someone to come to faith, maybe you are praying for healing, a job, or perhaps for financial breakthrough?

Please share your request in the box below so the team can pray alongside you over the next 21 days.