Your life has an underlying soundtrack. Every peak, every low note and every rhythm make up a part of who you are. Don’t just shuffle through your days but rather create a Playlist worth listening to!

Week One

Psalm 66

Date: Aug 13, 2017
Speaker: Adam Fry

Growth Step: Pause, remember and celebrate the timeless work of God.

Group Questions
Week Two

Psalm 118

Date: Aug 20, 2017
Speaker: Jason Boucher

Growth Step: Open your heart to God in hardship.  His heart is inclined towards you.

Group Questions
Week Three

Psalm 91

Date: Aug 27, 2017
Speaker: Barry Boucher

Growth Step: In the whirlwind of change, holdfast to the Lord who never changes.

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Week Four

Psalm 139

Date: Sept 3, 2017
Speaker: Jason & Lori Boucher

Growth Step: Trust Jesus to search you  because He alone knows all your ways.

Group Questions