Our Vision Process

In 1986, a serious flaw in the decision-making process leading up to the Space Shuttle challenger launch led to a catastrophic result. A desire to launch without listening was a core issue.

As Lifecentre, we desire nothing more than to launch into all God has for us as a church. Yet more than launch, we desire to be growing people who make a Jesus-sized difference in the world today. We don’t simply wish to launch, but land where God is taking us.

Learning lessons from the past, this is something we wish to do together. Before we lead, we must create intentional space to listen – to God and to one another.

Our Heart To Listen

“Only one-third of Christ-followers finish well. We don’t wish to only launch, but  land where God is taking us together.”

Share With Us

Over the past years, we have repeatedly remarked, “It takes the whole church to be the church.” From this rooted belief, we prayerfully asked a single question, “In moving forward, how do we best engage our whole church?” We received an answer, a heart for moving forward together. How will we move forward together? First, we must embrace the heart of 1 Corinthians 12; we see the world through the lens of our spiritual gifting.

We are inviting everyone to pray and share their perspective on these two questions. Before we lead, we need to listen to one another. As Alan Hirsch expresses well, “The church is primarily about the ministry of all and the leadership of some.”

A. What is God doing?
B. Where is the enemy active?

When you are ready to share your prayerful response to these questions, please submit your reply below.



For your discovery and understanding, there are two resources available. 

First is a free Spiritual Gifts Test/Assessment. Discovering your spiritual gift will give you insight into how you serve the church. Second are short descriptions of the five-fold leadership gifts God uses to build His church. Each is essential, yet they are different. As you read the short descriptions, you may discover you align with a particular leadership gift more than another. These descriptions are helpful in how you see the church.

Spiritual Gifts Assessment

You are a special part of the body of Christ. If you are a Christian and are not serving in some way, the church as a whole suffers. It’s like missing a part of the body. You may be able to live everyday life with just 9 out of 10 fingers, but you wouldn’t be able to do certain things as well as you would like. The truth is that the body of Christ has missing parts. They are attached but are missing in action. The church is called the “body of Christ” for a reason. We are connected by our faith in Jesus Christ and sealed by the Holy Spirit.

God wants to use you! He has chosen you to do great things for Him. Ephesians 2:10 says, “For we are his workmanship, created in Christ Jesus for good works, which God prepared beforehand, that we should walk in them.” God already has plans for you. He wants you to listen to His calling and make yourself available to serve. Not only that, He expects you to use the gifts He has given you.

Leadership Gifts Description


It is all about the mission of God. Is your sharing focused on the future of the church? What the church could be if only we innovated or seized a God-sized opportunity? 

Key Word: Forward


Is all about hearing the heart of God. Expressing how critical it is that we hear something the Spirit says this season? Is your sharing focused on exhorting or encouraging the church?

Key Word: Hear


is all about sharing the Gospel, the Good News of God, with words and actions. Is your sharing focused on reaching a lost and broken world? Telling God’s story in a compelling way for truth-seekers to see Jesus?

Key Word: Share

Shepherd (Pastor)

Is all about the embrace of God. Is your sharing focused on what others are feeling or needing from the church or other Christians this season? Are you particularly burdened by an individual or specific group of people?

Key Word: Belong


Is all about the truth of God. Is your sharing focused on what others need to know about God’s word this season? Is it focused on understanding the big story of Scripture and sharing its chapters and verses in proper context?

Key Word: Know