You guys made Heart Conference 2019 such a hit that we have to do it again! Join us for Seek, our 2020 Heart Conference, where we are believing God is going to give us new eyes to see what we couldn’t before.

Heart Conference 2020

It’s easy for us to become blinded by distractions and to lose sight of God’s purpose for our lives. Yet God has this amazing ability to give us new eyes to see what we couldn’t see before.

Imagine what your life could look like if you took the blinders off and said yes to the faith-stretching adventure of seeking God full-heartedly. Imagine how greatly your life could change if you allowed God to give you new eyes to see. Imagine all that you would find if you were simply willing to seek Him with everything you have.


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About the Podcast:

Join us as we discuss how the greatest awakenings of our lives don’t come in the spectacular - they come in the mundane moments, the unexpected moments, and the hardest moments of our lives!

Also included: audio recordings of Heart Conference workshops!