We want to use this pause to pivot differently in growing together with Jesus, to make a difference in our city. LifeRhythms is a set of structures which create space for experiencing life in Jesus, living in community, and making a Jesus-sized difference to those around us. For üs to be a non-anxious presence, we need to be rooting God as our Source.

1. Start the day in Prayer and Scripture

Start the day in quiet prayer and scripture reading before anything digital, like Instagram, or the news, or television. If you have kids, ideally, this will be before they wake up. Start the day in quiet with God. Follow our YouVersion plan, or use the free Dwell app provided.

2. Create a gratitude ritual

Draw your attention to the things for which you are grateful. Perhaps you write them down each morning or use a voice memo app on your phone if you don’t enjoy writing.

3. Exercise or go for a walk

If at all possible, while maintaining proper social distancing, exercise or go for a walk through your neighbourhood. Try to exhale, to take a big deep breath.

4. One “focal practice”

Find an activity in which you can give your complete focus without getting distracted or finding yourself concerned about the conditions of the outside world. A focal practice can be anything healthy, such as woodworking, cooking, reading, art, chess, online class etc.

5. Relational touchpoint

Establish a relational touchpoint with a close friend, family member, or your community “buddy.” Use this pause as a time to draw closer in relationships, through the benefit of technology, not grow more distant/isolated.

6. Limit intake of news

The news cycle moves at a rapid pace, but our internal tempo should not live at that speed. Limit your intake to two times daily. Consider setting the alarm for once in the morning and once in the evening. Be informed, not invaded.

7. Limit screen time and escapist behaviours

It will be effortless to indulge in escapist behaviours. Find ways to limit your intake of things like alcohol, food, social media, television, sugar, staying up late, etc.

8. Prayer and Fasting on Wednesdays

We feel lead to pray and fast during this time of fear and anxiety. We want to see God heal people in our city and restore the world around us. Join us as we pray and fast each Wednesday morning through breakfast and lunch.

9. Virtual community during the week

Continue to connect with your LifeGroup regularly. Commit to be there and to show up ready to care for one another. Choose a digital platform that works for everyone.

10. Sabbath and virtual worship

Keep your routine to practice Sabbath, or to start one for the first time. And gather with us online every Sunday at 9 am, 10:45 am, and 12:30 pm as we worship together, learn from the Scriptures and create space for the Holy Spirit to move.

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* Adapted with permission from Bridgetown Church: Rules of Life.