Lifecentre Family


We believe a new season is here. A time where dreams can begin through a single first step. So, Lifecentre is launching into this new season by stepping out into a new dream.

Our church’s heartbeat is growing together with Jesus to make a difference in our city. Integral to this mission is church planting, merging, and multiplication. Together, since 1981 we have multiplied our church, in a few different ways, seven times. Along the way we have learned a few things.

A Few What If Questions:

What if God is utilizing this time to re-shape His church? Has something needed to shift in your church for a while? Is now the time to take courage and make a shift?

What if this is a time for our churches, together, to write a new story?

This is why we are launching our Lifecentre Family
which is broken down into: Connected, Convergence, and Campuses.


Connected is established for discussing what might be one day. Is there something we can help you with at this time? An initial conversation to see how Lifecentre can best serve you, if relational, prayer, and encouragement – this is wonderful!


Convergence is intentional conversations to see whether God is leading us towards a more unified future. Over a twelve month period we get to know one another relationally, and you begin to freely use what we are doing at Lifecentre, with no strings attached. Together we identify where our shared visions align, and where there are hurdles, and potential differences. During the twelve months together we continue to walk, while asking the Holy Spirit how to best proceed.


Campus is a single church, growing together in different locations. We hold a shared vision, mission, leadership, strategy, governance, and budget. Your church becomes Lifecentre, not the other way around. Everything about your church might change. This is sizeable change for some congregations.

So, could God be stirring something in your heart towards being His church, together? As Lifecentre, how can we serve you in this season? Let us know by reaching out below.

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