Easter at Lifecentre

God For Us

Easter at Lifecentre

At a glance, God For Us can be interpreted as arrogance. To infer God works for you is quite a statement. Yet God For Us is the antithesis of arrogance. It is best understood by sharing the story of Easter. Palm to Easter Sunday brings into focus what is meant when we say, God is For Us, which really means God is doing what I can’t do myself. This Easter, the whole family is invited to Lifecentre. Find Provision. Discover strength. Receive salvation. Embrace wisdom, all by seeing Jesus!

Let’s Share Easter!

This Easter, let’s come to church together. We’ve made inviting family or friends as simple as possible.
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Palm Sunday

Sunday, April 10th

When you can’t see everything, can you trust Jesus with one thing? Palm Sunday starts Holy Week. Yet the triumphal entry of Jesus, we see disciples do three things we can learn much from today. They come, ask, and do what Jesus invites them to do, even when they didn’t see the whole picture. 


Good Friday

Friday, April 15th

We hear a lot today about freedom, whether it be our civil or personal freedoms. Yet for as free as we claim to be, desire to be, as a society, we sure aren’t happy. At every turn, there is another person, group, issue between us and freedom. On this day, what Jesus said is solidified by what He does For Jesus, if we never talk about fallenness, we’ll never really understand freedom. And this day is all about freedom.


Waiting Saturday

Saturday, April 16th

Waiting can be difficult sometimes. Yet the space between the promise and the promise fulfilled can often become a catalyst for faith to arise. While we can sometimes jump from Good Friday’s sacrifice to Easter Sunday’s resurrection, the in-between space to reflect and rest in God’s faithfulness is vital. As we gather together on Waiting Saturday, we invite you to bring all of your sorrows, burdens, desires and joys at the foot of the cross as we wait in expectancy for the hope of Christ to arise afresh in our hearts this Easter season.

Join us for our family service in-person at each of our Lifecentre Campuses. Together, we will believe for breakthroughs, pray for the salvation of loved ones, contend for healing and stand in faith for full restoration. Interactive prayer elements will provide engaging elements for the entire family! A continental breakfast and egg hunt for the kids will follow.

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Sunday, April 17th

Hope. With it, anything is possible. Without it, anything is also possible. Surprisingly enough, the opening moments of the first Easter Sunday don’t start in hope. But this Sunday, wasn’t any ordinary Sunday. Do you need hope? If so, anchor your story to the right side of the resurrection. Let’s live into a better story. A story only this Sunday makes possible.

Free Easter Gift

The Lord delights in our freedom, not our pain. As such, when we fast, we do so to be set free from our own self-indulgent pleasures and idle distractions. Simplicity in Lent requires intentionality, yet it is always an invitation born out of God’s love for you and the life you gain, never focusing solely on what is lost

Our friends at Dwell have put together a beautiful guide for Lent. While it might be late for this year, it sure will be beautiful next Easter.