We Believe the
Bible is for Everyone!

We believe someone who consistently follows Jesus has a life marked by three distinctions:

  • A personal hunger to be led more by Jesus.
  • An evident passion to lead more like Jesus.
  • An outward focus which leads more to Jesus

Courses run for six weeks on Tuesday evenings and cost $50/term. Discounts available for active students and seniors upon registration using the code provided in the event description.

Year One
  • The Beginning
  • The Books of History
  • Major & Minor Prophets
  • The Gospels
  • The Book of Acts
  • The Epistles
Year Two
  • LifeScripture
  • Pneumatology
  • Soteriology
  • Evangelism
  • Genuine Faith
  • Eschatology
Year Three
  • Servant Leadership
  • Authority of the Believer
  • Biblical Boundaries
  • Church History
  • Inspiring Leadership
  • Preaching Practicum
General Electives
  • Apologetics

2018-19 Course Calendar


Bibical Foundations

In Year One, each student will study the entire Bible through six courses to assist in establishing a firm foundation of Biblical understanding.

Term 1 - The Beginning

A study of the first five books of the Bible; Genesis to Deuteronomy, with an emphasis on Genesis and the creation story.

Term 2 - The Books of History

A systematic overview of the first twelve historical books of the Bible – from Joshua to Esther.

Term 3 - Major & Minor Prophets

Seeing prophecy in God’s Word is so important that it occupies one-third of the entire Bible. God reveals His ongoing plans for the prophet’s own time, for coming events and for eternal principles of right and wrong.

Term 4 - The Gospels

A study of the life and ministry of Jesus Christ as described in the four Gospels and His ongoing ministry through the establishment of the church.

Term 5 - The Book of Acts

A systematic study through the Book of Acts to discover the principles of how we are to live out our Christian life.

Term 6 - The Epistles

A look at the various letters Paul wrote to the New Testament Church, while discovering motivating messages of how to apply these truths to today’s situations.

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Doctrinal Understanding

Year Two builds upon the Biblical foundations by giving the student a more in-depth study into the essential doctrines (beliefs) of the Scriptures.

Term 1 - LifeScripture

This course will help the student understand Biblical doctrine and provide an understanding of Scripture at a deeper level.

Term 2 - Pneumatology

Study of the role, purpose, and power of the Holy Spirit, both doctrinally and practically in the life of the believer.

Term 3 - Soteriology

Designed to take a closer look at God’s plan of salvation through the Old and New Testament Scriptures. While reviewing doctrinal positions and eternal security.

Term 4 - Evangelism

Designed to be a practical overview of the ministry of evangelism and leading people to become Christians. The goal is to help believers fulfill the mandate of 2 Timothy 4:5: “Do the work of an evangelist and fulfill your ministry.”

Term 5 - Genuine Faith

This course is broken into two segments. The first hour is a systematic review of the Book of Hebrews and the second hour is a thorough understanding of the importance of faith for the believer.

Term 6 - Eschatology

This course will help the student understand the Biblical doctrine of the end times as well as a systematic review of the different views concerning the key world events.

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Ministerial Works

Year Three advances the student from Biblical foundations and essential doctrine to the tools on how to be an effective minister.

Term 1 - Servant Leadership

The heart of a leader is the life of a leader. Jesus is the Great Shepherd, we are called to be “leadersheep”. Let’s dive into becoming healthier leaders, because when leaders get better, everything improves.

Term 2 - Authority of the Believer

This course is an overview of the authority the believer has in Jesus Christ and the Christian’s position in overcoming the works of the enemy.

Term 3 - Biblical Boundaries

This course will provide you practical tools in setting limits for yourself while respecting the boundaries of others as we commit to growing together with Jesus to make a difference in our city.

Term 4 - History of the Church

An overview of the church from the Book of Acts to the current church age. A new ministerial course for current and previous students to study.

Term 5 - Inspiring Leadership

The skills of leadership are an essential part of growing into a leader others want to follow. The gold of leading is influence, and healthy influence starts with knowing how to inspire others.

Term 6 - Preaching Practicum

A practicum that summarizes the three years of courses into practical preaching presentations.

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