We Believe the
Bible is for Everyone!

We believe someone who consistently follows Jesus has a life marked by three distinctions:

  • A personal hunger to be led more by Jesus.
  • An evident passion to lead more like Jesus.
  • An outward focus which leads more to Jesus

Courses run for six weeks on Tuesday evenings and cost $50/term. Discounts available for active students and seniors upon registration using the code provided in the event description.

Year One
  • The Beginning
  • The History
  • The Prophets
  • The Gospels
  • The Book of Acts
  • The Epistles
Year Two
  • Scripture
  • Pneumatology
  • Soteriology
  • Contagious Christianity
  • Genuine Faith
  • Eschatology
Year Three
  • Growing Leaders – Pt 1
  • Authority of the Believer
  • Biblical Boundaries
  • Church History
  • Growing Leaders – Pt 2
  • Preaching Practicum
General Electives
  • Apologetics

2018-19 Course Calendar


Bibical Foundations

In Year One, each student will study the entire Bible through six courses to assist in establishing a firm foundation of Biblical understanding.

Term 1 | The Beginning

A systematic study of the first five books of the Bible. The book of Genesis, the book of beginnings, is especially emphasized. The student will study the five books of Moses – The Law or Torah.

Term 2 | The Books of History

A systematic overview of the first twelve historical books of the Bible – from Joshua to Esther.

Term 3 | The Prophets

Prophecy in God’s Word is so important that it occupies one-third of the entire Bible. God reveals His ongoing plans for the prophet’s own time, for coming events and for eternal principles of right and wrong

Term 4 | The Gospels

This course will study the life and ministry of Jesus Christ as described in the Four Gospels and His ongoing ministry through the establishing of the church.

Term 5 | The Book of Acts

This course will systematically study the Book of Acts to discover the principles of how we are to live out our Christian life.

Term 6 | The Epistles

TERM 6 – The student will study the various letters that were written to individuals and churches and will discover the motivating messages of the authors’ lives and how to apply these truths to today’s situations.

Term 2 Begins: October 23


Kanata Location

Term 5 Begins: October 23

Doctrinal Understanding

Year Two builds upon the Biblical foundations by giving the student a more in-depth study into the essential doctrines (beliefs) of the Scriptures.

Term 1 | Scripture

This course will help the student understand Biblical doctrine and provide an understanding of Scripture at a deeper level.

Term 2 | Pneumatology

This course is a detailed study of the role, purpose, and power of the Holy Spirit both doctrinally and practically in the life of the believer.

Term 3 | Soteriology

This course is designed to take a closer look at God’s plan of salvation through the Old and New Testament Scriptures. A review of doctrinal positions and eternal security are reviewed.

Term 4 | Contagious Christianity

This course is an evangelism training course designed to be a practical overview of the ministry of evangelism and leading people to become Christians. The goal is to help believers fulfill the mandate of 2 Timothy 4:5: Do the work of an evangelist and fulfill your ministry.

Term 5 | Genuine Faith

This course is broken into two segments. The first hour is a systematic review of the Book of Hebrews and the second hour is a thorough understanding of the importance of faith for the believer.

Term 6 | Eschatology

This course will help the student understand the Biblical doctrine of the end times as well as a systematic review of the different views concerning the key world events.

Term 2 Begins: October 23

Ministerial Works

Year Three advances the student from Biblical foundations and essential doctrine to the tools on how to be an effective minister.

Term 1 | Growing Leaders - Pt 1

This course is a practical step-by-step class on how to mentor and disciple others. while understanding and fulfilling the Great Commission of “going into all the world and make disciples.”

Term 2 | Authority of the Believer

This course is an overview of the authority the believer has in Jesus Christ and the Christian’s position in overcoming the works of the enemy.

Term 3 | Biblical Boundaries

This course will provide you practical tools in setting limits for yourself while respecting the boundaries of others as we commit to growing together with Jesus to make a difference in our city.

Term 4 | History of the Church

This course is an overview of the church from the Book of Acts to the current church age. A new ministerial course for current and previous students to study.

Term 5 | Growing Leaders - Pt 2

This course reviews the Pastoral Epistles and its principles on how to be an effective minister of the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

Term 6 | Preaching Practicum

This course summarizes the three years of courses into practical preaching presentations.

Term 2 Begins: October 23

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