Christmas at Lifecentre

God With Us

Sundays at Lifecentre:

God With Us

Discover joy. Experience hope. Celebrate Jesus. This Christmas, the whole family is invited to embrace the birth of Jesus. God is With Us!


December 5: Fear Not

December 12: Behold

December 19: Good Will

December 26: Promises for 2022

Start 2022 with 21 Days of Prayer

Boxing Day at Lifecentre

Would you invite us into your home for our online-only, one hour service. Together we want to walk everyone through a time to discover an anchoring Scripture for 2022.

Thinking of Giving a Gift?

For Others

Ministry Partner

Did you know Lifecentre gives away 10% of each dollar we receive? Together we believe in generosity. If you are looking for a Christmas give, that makes a Jesus-sized difference, we wholeheartedly recommend donating to one of our ministry partners this Christmas.

Year End Giving
Year end is approaching. Would you like to help us accelerate making a Jesus-sized difference in 2021? Your final day to do so in 2021 is Friday, December 31, 2021.

God With Us Downloads 

Sunday, December 12th: A Prayer of Beholding
Sunday, December 26th: Online Service Exercise