1. Jesus-focused

Jesus is our focus. Our constant compass. We are always changing. He is perfect, alone remaining unchanged.

2. Expectant

We trust the Holy Spirit is moving, therefore our posture is worship. Whether with song, service, or measured in taking a step we engage with hungry, humble, and holy hearts expecting the Holy Spirit is moving.

3. Serving

We serve God by serving others whole-heartedly. Our service positions us to best see others. We care about people first before we think about what they can offer. We endeavour to look for the best in each other.

4. Generosity

We give generously with joy. Our generosity is a reflection of our love. Never a percentage, or a duty, but a delight. We start where others stop.

5. Loving

Jesus’s love never fails. Our love for others therefore isn’t negotiable. Without love, we’re just making noise. When we fall short, we are trusting in the never-failing love of Jesus to make up the gap.

6. Equipping

We grow people who make a difference by inviting everyone to be involved in ministry because every believer in Jesus is a builder. It takes the whole church, to be His church for our city.

7. Whole-hearted

All of me, more of Jesus. We bring our everything. We set lofty goals. We try, and then try again. Jesus sets us free from the traps of perfectionism and comparison. We bring our best, but He is always greater.

8. Urgency

People need Jesus today. We do things with a sense of urgency because every day people live, leave, and die without knowing Jesus. Living lost one more day, is a day too many.

9. Character-First

Character comes before gifting. Our character isn’t value neutral. How we live, love, and lead matters. Gifting is good. Purpose has its place. But Christ-like character always stands above.