Let me tell you about my heart for Lifecentre.

In 1981, six people planted a church around a singular idea: people need the life only Jesus can give. For Pastor’s Barry and Joyce, this meant planting a church which would be centred on the life of Jesus, or as it would come to be known, Lifecentre. For the past forty years, I have watched them sacrifice, serve, and give the fullness of their hearts so people could experience the love of Jesus, which still…never fails.

Today, we have planted, launched, and revitalized as many churches as there were people dreaming about what Lifecentre could be in 1981. Together we are still dreaming about making a Jesus-sized difference in each life, what it could look like to connect more people during the week as on Sundays, and what Lifecentre could look like downtown or in unique environments.

Our story is a little different than other churches. In 2007 when my father and I transitioned senior leadership, we said to our church, “You don’t have to choose which one of us you like more, you get us both.” In the history of our church, we will only ever have one set of Founding Pastors. As a church, it is our privilege to honour Pastor’s Barry and Joyce as forever ministers at Lifecentre. After all, it is their love and collective leadership which gifts us the freedom to continue dreaming about our bright future as a church.

When we look to that future, we still believe in that original singular idea; People still need the life only Jesus can give. So let’s continue growing people with Jesus, to make a difference in our city.

And let’s keep doing it…together.

Pastor Jason
Lead Pastor

Lead Pastors: Jason & Lori Boucher

Founding Pastors: Barry & Joyce Boucher

Celebrating 40 Years

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