Every movement begins in a single moment. A good metaphor for this is a novel. As single characters string together forming storylines, heroes and villains culminating in climactic turning points. Each movement began as single character. Without the moment, we would never see the creation of a storyline.

We believe Jesus isn’t looking for perfect, but willing people courageous enough to allow the Author to write His story using our imperfect lives. What if together as story-carriers we reached a tipping point? Could our life-changing moments create a city-shifting movement?

One moment with Jesus, changes something.
Our moving with Jesus, changes everything.

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RenewingYOW Step

As an individual or in a group, write a short prayer, based on a Proverb, for something specific in YOW. It can be a cause, concern, neighbourhood, or a region. As you write, don’t forget Jesus is alive. Infuse hope of what is possible in the Gospel.

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Shadow To Spotlight // Mat 10:25-33
Jason Boucher – 02/19/2017
We step FROM shadow TO spotlight by sharing the value Jesus places on people.

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Brokenness To Wholeness // Mat 12:9-18
Jason & Lori Boucher – 02/12/2017
We step FROM brokenness TO wholeness when we are willing to reveal what is real.

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Obstacles To Other Side // Mat 8:18
Jason Boucher – 02/05/2017
We step FROM obstacles TO ‘other side’ places by being willing to give up, to go up.

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Myopic To Majestic // Mat 8 & 9
Jason Boucher – 01/22/2017
We step FROM myopic TO a majestic vision by seeing others as who they can be in Jesus.

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Unaware To Unwavering // Mat 4
Jason Boucher – 01/15/2017
We step FROM perishing TO imperishable by responding to His invitation to influence.

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Unaware To Unwavering // Mat 3:17
Jason Boucher – 01/08/2017
We step FROM unaware TO unwavering by reducing our resistance in following Jesus.

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